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Wellness Handbook

A Holistic approach to the Global Pandemic, Hair Loss.

Uncovering your Cause, Leading to your Solution.

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"Wigs are the New Weaves.

And our Wig Vault houses some beautiful unique pieces"

Wig Vault

Wigs While you Wait 

Principle Office Houston TX 
Contact 832-436-4247 Hair

Thanks for Joining!

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The Wig Vault a Beautiful collection of Hair cuts colors and unique looks.

"All units below have been customized to another look."

Your unit will arrive in the base new Dark brown virgin color. Unless stated it is being sold as pic or you add Custom color in your check out if you have a desired custom look.

We do not guaranteed a perfect color match.

You can purchase Virgin color and have you stylist to Customized Color and Style for you.

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