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About Wig Life 
An Exclusive Monthly Membership $69

Its Pretty Simple and Straight Forward

Oh This is Good! Thanks for the reminder Rita! She said girl relaunch that membership you had. So we gave it a A Little Plastic Surgery and Relaunched it to served you better! And Wig Life was born.

Who Is this For?


  • Wig or Extension Lovers looking to save money now!

  • You like buying Wigs or Hair Extensions whenever you get that I want a new look itch. 

  • You Love options and Saving money shopping

  • You Want to Make Money referring others

  • You Want to Save money on something you already love

  • You want to Skip the World Wide inflation Cost

  • You don't wanna wait for Sales or Promotions.

  • Bonus Partner as a Affiliate and Make money Referring 

What to Expect 

Never Wait for Sales 


Income Opportunity 

How to get Started 

Shop for Wigs and Book 30% Anytime with your own personal shopping Code you'll receive after confirming your membership.

Free Shipping $29 Value 


499 - 30% $349 Your Cost Save 149.7

No Upgrade on Custom Orders Valued  $100

Onsite Service Free No Onsite Upcharge Value $100

30% Off Services Booked 

Example $350 - 30% $245 Your Cost Save 105.0

Become an Affiliate after 30 days 

Referral Payouts Immediately 

No Obligation 

Cancel Anytime 


Like Our Socials 

Review Us 

Cost $69 month Cancel Anytime 

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