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The Wig Blueprint 

Consult, Conversions, Customization A 3 Step Process to Tailor Made 

Overview & Purpose 

This workshop is designed for business growth for anyone offering hair pieces ,wigs or need to learn how to actually size, customize or convert measurements ..  

In order to separate,increase value and scale your business .

This will double your income and even triple your revenue. 

By adding a unique and New Skill Set you also add income streams. 

I’ve taught, invented and sold Wigs Customizations & Education at a high level for over a decade. 

It’s my purple cow. I’ve simplified it.

By creating systems , products and publications around this one Elephant in the room nobody was teaching. 


What value does it Add ? 

✅Add a New Demographic 

✅Add a New Service 

✅Doubles your Revenue 

✅Increase Product Value 

✅Adds Opportunity to Scale

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Presented by Lynn Clay,
Designer,Founder & CEO of Hollywood Extensions.

Houston’s own

#1 International Wig Expert.

Beauty, Hair loss and Wellness Consultant.


Lynn educates, services and supports clients in various areas of personal and business growth.

She's currently the Director and Ambassador of the Hollywood Hair Extensions Signature Brand.

Principle office Houston TX. Now currently An Online Wig Factory, Education and Support Center.

Lynn has serviced and consulted clients in Hair Enhancements ,Education and Hair loss transformations for over 2 decades.

Saving Hairlines by Design is her Philosophy.

The Insight

Understanding the difference between a Wig Maker and Wig Designer is Key. This Master Class can an give you the upper hand on why you need the fundamentals of  The Blueprint.

It can literally be your cheapest investment and entry point to your next level.

This training will provide you with the knowledge needed to educate, scale and separate to stay ahead of any competitor. Being a Wig Designer give you so many more options that just making Wigs cant. While I love making wigs it came with long hours and hurtful hands. Yes the money was great. But not having time to enjoy this one life was me and my family sacrifice, unfortunately.

I didn't have the time to scale or grow my overall beauty and wig business. So technically I failed my business and my family.

Your goal should always be to do the opposite of what everyone else is doing.

It's Never crowed there. 

Coach Lynn,

When Separating Yourself is Next Level.. Designing is Niche

Lets Unpack this Workshop!




How to to Follow a consult properly is key. There are specific questions and measurements you need in the phase. This will be solely based on what type of product He or She is requesting. 


Phase 2 Conversion. This is the Phase where you convert all measurements onto a foundation of the base your creating for your client using a fail proof measurement system for proper selection and creation


In this phase we will also blueprint before we produce the product. Customizing using the  education from phase 1 and 2 to properly create a Tailor made product for your client in her absence. 

It's Never been a One Size Fit all Business. They just did what was easier.

In this Master class we will Discover 

The Wig Blueprint .png
FB Wig Banner (6).png

Having this Knowledge and the Blueprint System to follow is Next Level. Now the question is How will you Brand your Purple Cow to Stand Out?

This is a Major upgrade for most Wig Makers. The Majority are offering one Size fit all which is definitely not custom. Or Small Med, Large. Understand, This means nothing to a person who can't fit stock one size all Wigs, Unit or Hair Piece.

Having a System and the knowledge, unlocks so much more outside of that Wig Makers Box.

  • In House or Factory Production. 

  • Product Creation 

  • Streams of Revenue, 

  • New Services and Products 

  • Brand Reinvention

  • Collaborations

  • Teachable System 

  • Double Your Income 

  • Increased Pricing

  • Confidence 

  • Tangible Resources

  • Private Community 

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