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The Art of Wig Design and Production.  

A Higher Learning Elite Master Class for Professionals 

The Industry needed something different! 

So I cooked Up my 9 Step Process then added Systems ,Automations and Marketing.

Hey Beautiful, You Ready?

I heard you! So I took the time to remix what my audience needed. 

You always hear me say listen to your audience. They will tell you what they want! Well that's exactly what I Did.  

The Art of Wig Design and Production! 

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We Spend a lot of time making wigs!  The truth is its unnecessary .We must refocus on building a wig business. 

Labor busy is not how you scale. I have a 9 step process that will spark your next level and get your time back.

I've spend almost 20 years perfecting my craft in so many different areas of this business. We have updated our Curriculum!

To accommodated professionals looking to also Start ,Sell and Scale online. Id Love to help you Win. 

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The Art of  Wig Design & Business 
An Elite Master Wig and Business Class for Professionals.

'Saving Hair lines By Design.

A Custom Wig & Machine Mastery Course.

What is the Art of Wig Design and Production? 

The AWDP is designed to focus on the full aspect of the Wig Business. 


Its Not just Design and Production. It’s about being the Elite Solution to what your clients need . How to Structure ,Market and Brand your Wig business. Putting your business out into the world on Automation . 


What will I learn 

✅How to Self Produce and Mass Produce. 


✅Design Options that service a 360 

High level Clientele. 


✅Fundamentals of  Wig Development 


✅9 Step Process to perfect product.  A failed Proof 9 Step Process Production.

✅Wig Business Bible 

✅All the docs you need to run a Successful Wig Biz. 

✅Optional Wig Funnel Training   

System that Sells ,Speaks and Brands on Autopilot

Bonus:  Wig Secret Live 

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Custom, Stock  Manufacture, Materials


Reverse Engineered for Success

Target . Brand.  Market 


9  Steps to Perfect Product 


Wig Business 

Forms, Communication, Structure, Set Up 

Come Pick the brain of the highly sought out International Wig Designer, Extensions and Hair Loss Replacement expert. Also the Founder Of Hollywood Extensions Signature Salon and Training Center. Who knows this business 360.

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Meet The Educator 

Listen many of you already know I've taught and Influence thousand of People across the Globe online and In our Houston Signature Salon And Training Center. From teaching how to Properly Develop Wigs, Branding yourself, Product Development, Consult etc.. I've done it. My Focus has always been Branding and Creating High Level Products for myself and others I work with.


Well, This time Hunni I'm going to help you explode them Sales on Automation. If we don't do anything else this year.

We are creating SOI | STREAMS Of INCOME. That's right that Labor intensive work is so 1999 ish. Even after hitting 6 figures of  incomes year after year. I was tired as hell and burnt out. Yeah the Wig Money is very good. But honestly I never had the energy or time to be Paid and Free.

Let me shoot straight!

Its nothing about being Booked and Busy that I'm attracted to.

So understand that wont be the Mindset in AWPB either. 

I was so ignorant back then. Creating a Manual Funnel, I had to worked my azz off for that money .

Why work so hard when technology was available. And I had the Funds to Pay the best person to do it for me. But I simple didn't Know. If your here I assume you don't either.

Im super excited youve have gotten this far !

Lynn, @TheWigCoach

What you need to know 

What to Bring | TBA at Registration   
What included Pro Kit | Everything you need.
Where Houston Texas 
When Nov 12|13
DIY Cost 2499.00
Training|Done for You Set Up 5499.00

Optional System Training Upgrade | Funnels 


The 9 step custom Wig Process you must Master!

1.Learn and Create 3 of the most requested Designs in salon’s today.

2.Understanding Raw Materials options for your Units & Wigs 

3.Effective Stitching techniques for creation & application 

4.How to Create Patterns for any custom piece

Stock vs. Custom the Difference broken down from a Marketing perspective .

5.How to Setup & Blueprint your projects for Perfect Product Production 

6. Understanding Density Control & Balance

7.How to properly Measure to arrive at proper sizing for Wig Production customization

8.How to Fill out and under Order forms Walk through a Form 

9.Learn different base options (Base and Foundations Selection)

10.How to Design and Select for your client’s specific needs

11. How to Properly Consult for you custom Wigs Hair Piece 

Learn to Identify your New Target Audience

Intro to Installation Options

IMG_4582 (1)


Bump that Booked and Busy shid! Why be stuck to a sewing machine or stitching all day. When I can show you my method on How to make money designing wigs. It levels your business up. Offers solution to your clients. Shows you how to mass produce and scale at a high level. In addition We will also be offering and upgrade to Funnel  Automation. Put your Wigs on Automation with Wig Funnels .

Wig Class (2).png

Regardless if you want to design Wigs for Custom, Stock, Hair loss or Kids. The training will break down fundamentals and intricate parts of Designing and Doing this business. The offer freedom in your Wig Business

You need to know how to Brand It and Sell It. I know that and I got you.

I've created the Wig Funnel System just for that!

Its an automated System that aids your business on autopilot in Sales , Branding and Creating Leads for your business 24/7 Producing Passive and Residual income. 

The Class will also Include a Wig Secret Segment Live. And this E-book. It is Super important to know how to produce creative capital and set up stream of income on autopilot . 

It Sales, Brands and Converts for you

Empower Yourself, Its A Mindset 

A lot of Wig Makers wont go all in on their business afraid of the Competition.

I say Educate, Empower and Excel it Separates you.

Expertise and Knowledge is never saturated. Its Wide open.


ABOUT  The Wig Secret 

You will be introduced to 5 investment Strategies to implement with No Money and PROFIT!

This booked was birthed from a Struggle stylist who failed over and over again before she reached any level of success.

This holds The Wig Secrets that nobody will ever tell you.

3d transparent.png

Live bonus

About The Wig Secret 

So many stylist and students used these strategies from The Wig Secret to start each one of my Wig Businesses, Local, Online and Faceless!
When you have any idea you must also have Financing Resources

It offers Creative Simple Solutions to Financing your ideas and beauty ventures!
Exactly How I started with No Money !
How to leverage and Fund a Wig Business 

Education Standards 

  •  Income Stream Retailing Wigs 

  • Explode your New or Old Wig Business

  • Affiliate Opportunities with Me 

  • 3 Ways to Retail with No Money 


  • How to Start Broke 

  • Direct Ship Strategy

  • Strategy Start or Scale 

  • Residual Stream Introduction

  • Systems to Hire


Who is this Elite Master Class For?

This Training is perfect for Beauty Industry Professionals or Entrepreneurs looking to add another stream of Income.

Retailing Wigs, Units or Hair. With little to no Investment. 


Product Name $4

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