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The Art of Wig Design and Production.  

A Higher Learning Elite Master Class for Professionals 

The Industry needed something different! 

So I cooked Up my 9 Step Process then added Systems ,Automations and Marketing.

Hey Beautiful, You Ready?

I heard you! So I took the time to remix what my audience needed. 

You always hear me say listen to your audience. They will tell you what they want! Well that's exactly what I Did.  

The Art of Wig Design and Production! 

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We Spend a lot of time making wigs!  The truth is its unnecessary .We must refocus on building a wig business. 

Labor busy is not how you scale. I have a 9 step process that will spark your next level and get your time back.

I've spend almost 20 years perfecting my craft in so many different areas of this business. We have updated our Curriculum!

To accommodated professionals looking to also Start ,Sell and Scale online. Id Love to help you Win. 

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The Art of  Wig Design & Business 
An Elite Master Wig and Business Class for Professionals.

'Saving Hair lines By Design.

A Custom Wig & Machine Mastery Course.

What is the Art of Wig Design and Production? 

The AWDP is designed to focus on the full aspect of the Wig Business. 


Its Not just Design and Production. It’s about being the Elite Solution to what your clients need . How to Structure ,Market and Brand your Wig business. Putting your business out into the world on Automation . 


What will I learn 

✅How to Self Produce and Mass Produce. 


✅Design Options that service a 360 

High level Clientele. 


✅Fundamentals of  Wig Development 


✅9 Step Process to perfect product.  A failed Proof 9 Step Process Production.

✅Wig Business Bible 

✅All the docs you need to run a Successful Wig Biz. 

✅Optional Wig Funnel Training   

System that Sells ,Speaks and Brands on Autopilot

Bonus:  Wig Secret Live