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Monday @8:00p CT Virtual

I help licensed Hair loss and Medical wig Providers increase their revenue, value, and sustainability with client attraction and education. 

For Licensed Hairloss and Wig Professionals 


To educate, empower, and employ 1000 Licensed Beauty Professionals to Collaborate with the industry of health to service and impact the Global epidemic of Hair loss.

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Lets Sale It

How to sell Premium Value Wigs and Who to sell it to.

Let's break down what's missing from your sales process. 

What will you Learn?

  • How to Attract Hairloss Leads 

  • Client Attraction/Lead Generation  

  • How to 3x Your Value Proposition

  • Done With You  Masterclasses 

In order to get something your never got you gotta to do something you never did.

Are you ready to do business differently?

Get Registered 

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Presenter Lynn Clay,

Educator / Consultant 

A Licensed and Certified 3D Hair Replacement Expert,

 Author, Holistic Nutrition Practitioner.


She helps Licensed Hair loss and Medical Wig Providers multiply their income and attract premium clients.

With workshops, masterclasses, and digital products.

In short, For the last two decades, she has focused on building Non-Surgical Hair Replacement Signature salons to aid women in commercial Hair transformations. While Simultaneously Developing high-ticket products and services. Writing and teaching multiple workshops and curriculums for hundreds of Professionals. Virtual Live and Private.

Currently, she has an active program Educating Professionals on how to become a Vendor to do Business with their State and Federal Governments.

⭐️ She also hosts Free Workshops every Monday empowering her industry with Education to Elevate.


Lynn, -The Wig Coach 

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