The Brains Behind The Brand

    After dedicating over 20 years to the Beauty Industry I felt boxed in.

I always felt it wasn't enough space no matter where I Was. My current situation wasn't large enough to expand my vision. With my niche set of skills and large Personality. I've been able to teach and speak into thousands of  lives globally.

But crazy as it seemed. I was still struggling with my calling.  God has given me a mission that I couldn't completed on My current platform. It was to small to reach the nation of people I was called to inspire and grow.


For as long as I've known transforming Women and Girls through Beauty and Education was my Passion. It was my own language, My own Lane.

My Purpose had found me. I found myself  in a dream that I couldn't fulfill.

My Mission to Change lives Globally was staring at my daily.. It left me full of anxiety. Fast Forward I needed to enlarge My Territory! But because Hollywood Extensions Hair loss Houston was my first baby I'm struggling letting her go.

    So as we prepare to close the Doors on  Hollywood Extensions & Hair-loss Signature Salon in Houston. I Bring over 20+Years of Experience As a Hair Enhancement and Hair Loss Replacement Expert, Educator, Wig Designer, and Product Manufacture to The Wig Vault. Org

I'm Super Excited to invite you into our new Family Organization. WV,

~ If its your Calling, It will Keep Calling ...