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Non Disclosure Agreement 

Hello, and Thanks for registering! I understand this is a non-refundable Medical Wig Provider Credentialing DIY Virtual Workshop to get my Business Set Up.

(Not A WIG CLASS) If you do not understand Stop Now and call. 832-436-4247 Hair.

Also, Revisit to understand before proceeding. 


Per our registration process and promise this is our NDA that all class and training material can only used for your business. None of the materials taught or given can be resold, copied, taught, or discussed without the permission of Hollywood Extension, Lynn Clay, and or its representatives. The materials are only given and taught for personal business use. I understand this information is Confidential and cannot be shared. Yes, I would still would like to register for a class, training, or workshop. 

Slander Clause.

Do not slander or leave negative comments about Hollywood Hair Extension Signature or Representatives anywhere. We do our best to provide exceptional products and services. However, we understand everyone can't be satisfied. Please submit all questions, or concerns in writing here directly for a resolution. Thank you!  

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Your Submission is equivalent to your signature. All rights are reserved.

And noncompliance is subject to legal litigations.

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