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A Done with YOU. Virtual Workshop 

When: April 15 @12:00 CT 

Sis, I know you can Slay!

But, Can you Sell it Consistently and Predictably 24/7 at a High Level?

If Not, Let me help you. As an Entrepreneur, we juggle many hats. The truth is we don't have time to do self-marketing, posting, or sitting on socials driving leads every day. That's the old way. We need to build.


Having an Automated system is the most effective way to hire a thing to do a thing.

It does most of the heavy lifting for you. Once you build it.

What is A Client Attraction System?

(A done with you Workshop)


         A 3-part automation system that drives traffic, conversions and speaks when you don't. 

What will I Learn

  • How to Craft a Targeted Opt-In Landing Page  

  • Step-by-Step Blueprint Formula Layout 

  • Crafting Copy for Higher Conversion

  • Lead Magnet Practices for Niche Clients 

  • GPS to Put Leads, Bookings, and Sales on Autopilot  

Boutique Style Virtual Intensive

Only 10 seats are Available 

Limited Introductory Price 50% Now Only $399

Need a Scholarship? Join the Wig Club 
$250 off the regular price when we launch! 

Thanks for submitting!

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  • A done with you workshop,

Act like a Client.

Think like a Transformation

 I'm not familiar with the Navigation of a Website.  

I want a done for you service 

Hey Girl, Are you Ready to Fix the Leak in your Sales System?

Have you ever experienced a lot of traffic coming to your site but the sales and bookings don't MATH? I Understand It! This simply means you have a leak in your sales system.

Register Now, Only 10 Seats Available 

Get an instant $400 off the Workshop.

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Educator and Consultant 
Lynn Clay 

Licensed and Certified 3D NSHR Expert,

 Author, Holistic Nutrition Practitioner.


She helps Licensed Hair loss and Medical Wig Providers multiply their income and attract premium clients on autopilot 

With workshops, masterclasses, and digital products.

In short, For the last two decades, she has focused on building Non-Surgical Hair Replacement Signature salons to aid women in commercial Hair transformations. While Simultaneously Developing high-ticket products and services. Writing and teaching multiple workshops and curriculums for hundreds of Professionals. Virtual Live and Private.

Founder of Hollywood Extensions Houston and her newest baby Wig Club Medical Institute 

Currently, she has an active program Educating Professionals on how to become a Vendor to do Business with their State and Federal Governments.

⭐️ She also hosts Free EDU Workshops every Monday empowering her industry with Education to Elevate.


~Lynn, The Wig Coach

What Do I Need for Class?

  • A Computer

  • 2 Irresistible Offers 

  • Website Builder

  • An Email Platform

  • 1 Coupon or Lead Magnet 

  • Ability to follow Instructions


Note: Most of these can be created inside of your Web Builder  

An online system should drive and convert leads on autopilot You just gotta feed, it.

Register Now, You have left enough money on the table. Lets GO!

Client Attraction 3C

Boutique Style Virtual Intensive

Only 10 seats are Available 

Limited Introductory Price 50% Now Only $399 

Don't stay STUCK Build Beautiful Lead Magnets like a Pro

10 Essentials of sticky content that speaks to your Hairloss Community .

I Want A Done for you Service

Create the Ads, Lead Magnets, Pages, and Community Content for Me 

Done for You
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I understand this is a non-refundable Hands On Workshop to get my Business System Set Up online.

(Not A WIG CLASS) If you do not understand Stop Now and call. 832-436-4247 Hair.

None of the materials taught or given can be resold, copied, taught, or discussed without the permission of Hollywood Extensions/Wig Club Medical, Lynn Clay, and or its Representatives. The materials are only given and taught for personal business use. I understand this information is Confidential and cannot be shared. I would still like to register for a class, training, or workshop. 

When: April 15 @12:00 CT 

Register Me for 1 of the 10 seats in the Done with You Virtual Workshop!

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