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A Food Theory High in Nutrients, Antioxidants, Minerals and Low in Refined Carbs   

Designed for Rapid Health Transformation and Weight Loss. By putting the body in a Healthy Ketosis.

That lowers your Cholesterol, inflammation, insulin, and blood pressure. Putting the body into a state to burn Fat not Muscle.


(A fat-burning machine ) in less than 14 days if you follow. Feeding the body a Fat substitute instead of Refined Carbohydrates or Sugar.  

Losing Fat instead of Muscle while dropping consistent pounds and improving health..

If you can’t lose weight easily chances are you are in insulin-resistant mode. 

~ Try Keto Remix you Tried Everything Else 

Coach Lynn,

Beauty | Hairloss | Wellness 

Holistic Nutritionist | Food Strategist

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