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April 29, Monday @ 10 CT 

Medical Wig Registration

Be a 

Become a Hair loss Replacement Vendor for your State, Government, and Healthcare providers looking for your solution. 

  • Get pre-qualified and registered to increase your value, revenue, and sustainability within 60 days.

  •  Service and Impact the Global Epidemic of Hairloss

  •  80+ million Americans have already reported hair loss.

  • 93% of Americans have access to health Benefits?

  • Do Business with the largest client in the world 

  • Get Qualified for Grant and Government Funding 

We Help Licensed Hair loss and Medical Wig professionals get Qualified and Registered in their state.

What is Medical Wig Registration?

It's a Credentialing Process that gets you recognized by your state to do business at a State, government, and Medical Grade Level. Similar to the process your doctor must go through to do business with you and get paid by your health care benefits company.  EI: Insurance.

  • Our strategic and simple process also helps you get structured for grant, credit, and government funding.

Sis, Sometimes the Math isn't Mathing! Its...

  • Physically Labor intensive 

  • Working hard still Struggling 

  • Negotiating your worth

  • The burnout phase, just tired 

  • Exchanging time for money

  • Not enough profit to scale or grow

  • Hair loss is an epidemic. As a Provider, The Job is secure.

 Are you doing business with your state, Why Not?

Mission: To educate, empower, and employ 1000 Licensed Beauty Professionals to Collaborate with the industry of health to service and impact the Global epidemic of Hair loss.

Get our Mission Scholarship. Send us a message on how your business could use it.

Thanks for submitting!

Become an active provider. Learn how to get qualified to Accept State and federal contracts, grants, and health insurance. A step-by-step Live Workshop.


Unchain the Chair w/high ticket.


  • Separate your Business / Brand 

  • Get Your Time Freedom Back

  • Create Disposal Income

  • Become the Booked Solution

  • Small Intensive Styled Group 

  • Products & Service 3x The Value

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Presenter Lynn Clay,
Educator / Consultant 

A Licensed and Certified 3D Hair Replacement Expert,

 Author, Holistic Nutrition Practitioner.


She helps Licensed Hair loss and Medical Wig Providers multiply their income and attract premium clients.

With workshops, masterclasses, and digital products.

In short, For the last two decades, she has focused on building Non-Surgical Hair Replacement Signature salons to aid women in commercial Hair transformations. While Simultaneously Developing high-ticket products and services. Writing and teaching multiple workshops and curriculums for hundreds of Professionals. Virtual Live and Private.

Currently, she has an active program Educating Professionals on how to become a Vendor to do Business with their State and Federal Governments.

⭐️ She also hosts Free Workshops every Monday empowering her industry with Education to Elevate.


~Lynn, The Wig Coach

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Medical Wig Credentialing Reg only $999 Now 30% off 

In this virtual workshop, we will cover

  • Step-by-Step Process for Credentialing your Business as a Medical Wig Provider in your state. To Accept medical-grade clients with multiple payments and income streams. 

  • How to register for Grants and Contract 

  • How to register with your State 

  • How to register with your Government 

  • How to Become a State Vendor

  • Everything you need to complete the process

For a limited time to support our mission to serve. We are offering a $300 Scholarship to 10 Professionals to Aid in this credentialing Qualification Program. Currently Valued at  $3793.

What's Included:

  • Getting you State Registered /$999

  • Government and State Accepted /$999

  • Live Workshop GPS Training /$999

  • Medical Wig  GPS Guide  / Bonus $499 

  • Hairloss Nutrition EDU / Bonus $99

  • Medical Wig Pre Requiste / Bonus $99

  • Facebook Community Mentor Support $99

Total Value $3793

Now $999 for a limited-time $300 scholarship

Guided workbook with registration so you won't get stuck.

Get a $300 Mission Scholarship Now 

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My guarantee: I will personally walk you through the process. To get you unstuck on anything I teach you.

Lynn, Educator 

Are you ready to be the Solution?

  • Don't Miss out on a Business-to-business opportunity this year to add another figure of revenue to your bottom line. 

  • Hiring a Firm or Consultant would Cost you 3-5k to do it for you. However, If you have a little more time than Money and you are ready to start your process at your own pace. 

Click this link below and get registered today. 

If not now when? See you this Monday. Let's Go.

Can you afford to stay where you are?

Non Disclosure 

I understand this is a non-refundable Medical Wig Provider Credentialing DIY Virtual Workshop to get my Business Set Up.

(Not A WIG CLASS) If you do not understand Stop Now and call. 832-436-4247 Hair.

None of the materials taught or given can be resold, copied, taught, or discussed without the permission of Hollywood Extensions Signature, Lynn Clay, and or its representatives. The materials are only given and taught for personal business use. I understand this information is Confidential and cannot be shared. I would still like to register for a class, training, or workshop. 

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I want to join the virtual Credentialing Masterclass,
Pre-Register Me! 4/15/2024

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