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Map the Vision &Make it Plain

Master Class 

Wig Business GPS … 

A business GPS, Content, Target & Marketing Plan. 

on How to Structure, Brand and Delivery your Wig Business to the World .

Virtual Live & Business Action Plan Workbook Included.

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Every time I failed and I did it often! I didn’t have a plan. I have an idea ,passion and a vision I thought.

Even the Word says write it Down Right? You know the rest!

I quickly learned visions & Goals get blurry and life detours your plans.


I created The Wig GPS. To help Beauty Pros and Wig Makers become successful by having a plan of Action. 

So when adversity hits and it will. You can go back to the vision and grab fruit to replant. 

This is why businesses create plans so they can consistently revisit . There is levels to every business.

Lets create your first floor together! The Foundation. 

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"Map the Vision & Make it Plain.

One of my goals this year is to Coach & Mentor 100 Start ups,Wig Makers and or Beauty Professional to crack the code to the next level of their Wig/Hair Business. 


This is the first Workshop of 23.

Wig Business The GPS! 


Let’s Map the Vision and make it plain digitally. So that anyone who reads it can see the visualize it and bare fruit.

So when it gets blurry and adversity hits we can still see it, go back to it and bare fruit!! 

Lets Unpack this real quick.

  • After you have a Vision. You  still need a plan to stay consistent and avoid burnout. A GPS to Map out the Vision.

  • In this very next phase we must tighten up our Brand ID ,Voice and Visuals.

  • Are they in Alignment with your Vision for your business ?

  • Who do you Serve? Are you speaking to them? Who is your Client Avatar? 

  • Where are they located? I don't want you chasing clients or dollars . Once this comes together. You'll be attracting them.

  • Are you ready to Monetize, Message Package and Profit? 


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Next Level your Wig or Hair loss Replacement Business? 

Insiders Hair Club

Join Our Mentorship Coaching Community.

A Million Dollars Later !

Simple Plan

You need a GPS. A plan to know exactly what to do everyday to grow your wig business 

Personalized Content

Target and Market your Content to speak directly to your client need to solves their solution. Brand It. 

Community Support

Create your Tribe and put out what you want. Communicate with any size audience directly. 

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This may just be your ticket to building a successful

Wig Business on Auto Pilot. Lets Build

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