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For License Professionals

Serve, Sell and Scale at a medical grade level 

Learn to create a 3 dimensional Cranial Prosthesis Practice.

To structure for profitable medical contracts, grants and partnerships.

Clients are looking for you but your not there!


Sis, you got Motion? 

And you are licensed to touch people! Whoo hoo lol.

But you need to upgrade your Practicals, Processes, and Protocol. To Next level your business. This is the Systematic Formula to Profit at a Medical Level on rinse and repeat. Automate it! Learn the PPP Theory to Create a Client Flow Retention.

USP: We Structure your Practical, Process & Protocol to build a Successful 3 Dimensional Wig Business That affords you the opportunity to Serve, Sell, and Scale at a Medical Level or Build a Medical Wig Practice.

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Its Confidence & Self-esteem, its Hair Dreams! 


Become a Sought out Certified Cranial Prosthesis Practitioner.

to Position for residual and passive Income.

Hey You! Ill make this quick. I saw an open lane of growing a 6 figure Hair Loss and 3D Medical Wig & Prosthesis Business. And even more lucrative, sustainable and scalable than making wigs. And just like you I was pretty damn good at a lot of things in this business. But I was working my Assets off.

Well, I turned them into Skills To Skillions.


Making Wigs alone was not it. Yes, that's coming from me!

I had to multiply my skills and money to work for me. 

Why Not? 

Because skill cannot scale. You can't scale just you.You must figure out how to duplicate yourself without adding more hours. Well I've figured it out and simplified it for you! You need to become an income producing asset.

In this Mastermind I'm going to walk you through.

My 7 step process to structuring to accept contracts, grants, partnerships, residual and passive income.

With unlimited opportunities . 

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Wig Master to Wig Mogul 

Turn your Skills into Skillions 
A virtual pre-requisite mastermind

Lead Magnet 

Walk me through 7 Steps of Structuring my Business for the Medical Wig Practice. Positioning for Profit.

A prerequisite to our Mastermind 

Value Propersion

Structure, Sell, and Scale. Set up my business in Practical, Process and protocol for Residual and Passive income. 

A Certification in Cranial Prosthesis 

Passive Income 

Structure, Sell, and Scale. Set up my business in Practical, Process and protocol for Residual and Passive income.

A Certification in Cranial Prosthesis 


The 7 Questions I asked myself before I created a PPP System for my Business. 

  1. If you wanna take a month off will you still make money?

  2. Are you building skills or a business model ?

  3. Are clients looking for you yet, overbooked ?

  4. Have you had a 5 or 6 figure month yet ?

  5. Are you structured to accept contracts, grants or insurance? 

  6. Are you working more than 3 or 4 days behind the chair ?

  7. How long can I physically do this?

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Are you Ready for a level in the industry that is constantly growing?

Once you've Mastered Wig Fundamentals at a High level. Don't stay there. Its not scalable you can't retire at that level. Graduate! 

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