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Hair Loss | Educator | CCP Liasion 

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Hey You,

I'm excited you landed on my page.

Here you can learn more about me and what I do!

You can also socially connect and schedule here as well.

I am Lynn Clay 

Licensed and Certified Operator. 3D Cranial Prosthesis Expert, Educator, and Holistic Hairloss Practitioner 

I Help Women Restore Confidence,Self-esteem & Hair Dreams with Drugless,

Glue-free, Hair Loss Solutions. While in their Transitional, Recovery and Protocol Phase.

I am the Founder of HWE Hollywood Hair Extensions Signature Training and Wellness 

And Creator of IAWDP International Arts of 3D Wig Design and Prosthetics.

A 3 Day Mastermind Medical Edition. 


Where we Educate, Empower and Excel

Clients, Consumers & Licensed Beauty Pros.

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Thank you for your interest in IAWDP 

International Arts of 3D Wig Design & Prosthesis  

We create E- Learning Tools and Resources to aid you in finding the root cause to your Solution.

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