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Wig Life
The  Membership Program
$69 a month


Hello Beautiful ,

First, Happy New Year and a big thank you! After coming back y’all made my 21 better than 2020 Whew! ❤️ 20 tried to take me out..😆

Good News and Bad News! 

There is no question about inflation. 

Between Food ,Gas and Hair. I may have to make a choice soon! Everything has skyrocketed. Being  in Imports /Exports Supply Chain Business. The pandemic has knocked our heads off. I’ve been beating myself up about the high cost of Goods. Then it hit me. There ain’t a Damn thing you can do about it. 


I’ve been thinking about how I can do my part and how we can support each other. It took me a while then finally I got it with the help of many of you that have opted in my Packages and bundles before. . Then, one of you Raised a high hand and said do that program I was in again! Ah 

Thank you girl  because I was scratching my head trying not to raise our prices again during the pandemic. 

So we just got creative. Yass! We gave our old Program plastic surgery. A Tummy Tuck and Breast Lift 😜

Now called Wig life. It’s a whole lotta goodies in this MF.😝 Well it is!

I promised I’d have some Fire coming down the pipeline for HWE  this year. I’m on the job.

My first project I’m releasing Friday. Wig Life !!! 

It’s a Membership with heavy incentives. 

No waiting for Sales and Promotion 

  • On sale for you 24/7/ 365 

  • 30% Discount Shopping Code 

  • Free Shipping $29 value 

  • Free Custom Wig upgrade $100 value 

  • Free Onsite service $100 value 

  • Affiliate opportunity to make $

  • Discounted Cuts , Color Installs 

  • Input on Inventory you want 


Ready to Save ? 

Here’s the link to Learn more and Register!

 I can only open and manage 20 slots for this beta program. Once we are full a waitlist will be opened. 

Thank you for your support !



Lots of love,

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20 Spots 

Let’s Work Together

Houston TX,

Tel: 832-436-4247

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