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​We provide Hair loss Education and Systems Solutions to attract premium

clients on autopilot. With Consulting, Digital Assets, and Automation Delegation.

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Multiply Your Vision

Empower yourself to attract premium clients, boost revenue effortlessly, and reclaim your time with our expert consulting, cutting-edge digital assets, and innovative automation systems.

Wig Club Services 

Our services include top-tier e-learning, social media management,

and content creation. Ensuring every facet of your business flourishes.

Hybrid Systems

We develop 4 in 1 automation systems websites, opt-ins, and marketing funnels to streamline your client acquisition and boost your online presence effortlessly.

Social Media Management

We create and manage your social media presence, transforming it into a powerful lead-generation system that drives business growth.


Our business development experts provide strategic advice to help you scale your operations and achieve sustained growth.


​We create E-Learning workshops and digital products for you, enabling our clients to generate revenue while sharing your expertise with your target audience.​ 

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Transform Your Business with Hybrid Marketing Funnels  

Is your traditional website performing as you hoped?

Did you know that up to 75% of your traffic could slip through the cracks with a traditional Static Website?

It's time to take your business to the next level with

Wig Club, Hybrid Funnels  –

Now available!

Wait, who this is not for.

Someone looking for an ROI overnight.

Who doesn't have an investment mindset?

Also not for someone who doesn't understand the power of system growth and strategy.

New Hybrid Funnels!

Why Your Traditional Website is Costing You Business

A standard website might seem sufficient, but it often fails to convert visitors into paying clients.

      Here’s why:

  • Leads are lost: Without a system to capture and nurture leads, potential clients leave without a trace.

  • No engagement: A static website doesn't interact with visitors or provide personalized follow-ups.

  • Limited functionality: Traditional websites don't automate booking or payment processes, leading to missed opportunities.

The Solution: WC Hybrid Funnel Service

Wig Club Funnel Service is designed to nurture leads, increase bookings, and build a thriving community around your business – all on autopilot. It’s like having a virtual assistant working 24/7 to grow your business!

July Promotion – Act Fast!

For the month of July, we're offering WC Hybrid Funnels Service at a promotional rate.

 We are only taking 6 clients at this special rate, so don’t miss your chance!

What's a Hybrid Funnel 

Why do I need It : ​

A 4in1 Automation system designed to brand, market, sell, and delegate your workflows.

  • Removing time-consuming tasks from your business and selling your services, classes, and products on Autopilot.

      While building a thriving community around your business.

      Creating time freedom with automation.


  • It’s like having a virtual assistant working 24/7 doing tasks you don't want to do. That grows your business on autopilot! After a one-time investment.It communicates, converts, and builds community when you don't!


 – 6 slots Available for July Production

Who is this for?

These services were designed for people who are stuck at 5,10 or 20K months looking to scale and delegate most of their busy work to a system process.

Why it's time to Upgrade your site too.

Revenue-goal speaking, a traditional

site showcases your products and services.

It doesn't sell them!

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How it Looks

Once your potential clients enter your funnel.

It engages, offers, and prompts them to join our community.

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Live | Virtual  Workshops
  • Product Manufacturing 

  • NSHR Business Development 

  • Hair System Mass Production

  • Marketing Automation

  • Consulting & Mentorship

  • Live and Virtual Workshops

What Clients Say

"Lynn Clay is the hair messiah! The training classes she offers are none like any I've taken. If you're looking to grow your business, she has the necessary classes available and will make it happen.." 
Elayna Damato,

Hey, I'm Coach Lynn

Educator, Consultant, HNP and former NSHR Center Dropout!

After 20 Years in the Salon, Education, and Hairloss Industry. I wanted to serve the industry at a higher level so I dropped out! To help other Licensed Providers build a better NSHR | Hairloss or Beauty Transformation practice leveraging my expertise.


I Founded Wig Club Medical to provide business Resources and Education for the industry Nobody was talking about or creating.

Like Systems, Business Assets, or how to create time freedom with Digital Products!


How Can I Help You?

Empowering Hairloss Education & Employment 

~The Wig Coach 


Wig Club Medical is a Medical Wig & Hair Loss Education Provider. Providing Global Education, Products, and Services to Licensed Hair Loss, and NSHR Practitioners World Wide.

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